greater than

Last week, I was sitting down on a large velvety lounge in the Opera House Playhouse. Some spare time came and I was quick to look at the booklets given to our group on the show we were about to watch “The School of Wives“, translated and produced by Bell Shakespeare company, written by french playwright Molière. I learnt of how promising this play would be – humorous and entertaining in thematic considerations, subversive in dialogue, and intriguing in characterization.

Flicking through the pages my eyes stopped in it’s tracks. “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” I read.

Not sure if it referred to the protagonists attempts at wedding a women he had confined to a Nunnery in the hope to raise a perfect wife or the initial unresponsiveness to Moliere’s play-writing in French society.

But in a seemingly busy and unending week for me, it was a wonderful quote to consider and a personal tibit of wisdom to remind me of working hard in the present to receive rewards in the near future.


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