A day at Catherine’s

I spent a good few hours of last friday in my friends kitchen having another fun time confidently and happily cooking with other foodies. At some points we were overwhelmingly disappointed – not in the execution of the recipes we picked as that turned out with minor imperfections, but in how they tasted and the fact that this clashed with our westernized taste buds and general taste expectations.

More specifically, my friends would have much prefered there to be no funky-smelling dried mushrooms in the pie and we all agreed that the pumpkin mixture for the brownies tasted like a battery-pancake in the way that it’s flavour was weak and hidden from the otherwise goey-soft and rich chocolate brownies.

But despite the let down, I watched, learnt and was INSPIRED by the multifaceted joy of cooking and observing others cook, notably – compiling a pie, making the filling, making the crust, mixing different flavours and colours together for brownies and making food look presentable. For the most part, I left the kitchen with a stronger awareness of how my eyes, nose and taste buds are awakened as I cook and observe others in the process of cooking.

So even though my stomach wasn’t satisfied completely, I am thankful for the lesson of experimenting with some interesting and perhaps a tad dangerous food items (yes – beware dried mushrooms! My tip is to always grab an assortment of their kinds from asian grocer’s and keep them for asian dishes like noodle soups)

Recipe for mushroom pie herepumpkin swirl brownies here and  Spanakopita (spinach pie) here.



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